If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you could say H. Moser and Cie has the brownest nose in room. Their latest shot across the bow railing against Swiss watchmaking “values” is a travesty of mish-mashed design elements thankfully produced as a unique piece to be auctioned after SIHH.

I much preferred their other one-off “Most Swiss Watch Ever” with the case made from cheese. But best of all was their Swiss Alp piece mimicking the dimensions of the Apple Watch, but with a hand-wound movement and caseback display to die for, and in precious metal. It puts the Apple “Watch” to shame.

Back to the “Swiss Icons” collage that takes the best and most distinctive elements from at least 8 brands, Bregeut hands, Rolex bezel insert, Audemars bezel, Hublot case, Patek dial finish with Panerai numerals and crown-guard, and IWC-style logo, and GP bridge and turns version number two of their promise to create a unique piece once a year truly the “number two” of the collection. It looks like someone threw up their breakfast of Swiss watches, which is the point. To be clear, as I am not sure I have expressed this with enough venom up to this point, I hate it. Even the tourbillon that looks like a cheap Chinese simulacra of bad fake pretend version on ubiquitous fakes. But especially the Pepsi-GMT bezel, which is usually all I look for in a watch, but in this case divorced from a suitable 4th hand it epitomizes the only thing I hate more than a non-hacking movement, and that is non-functional design elements.
In sum, it puts them back on the radar, but buy the Swiss Alps instead to catch an Apple fanboy off guard and shove your good taste down his gullet. Or fly to SIHH and bid on their mercifully one-off dumpster-fire and troll the legions of guileless Invicta lovers. Buyers choice, just come strapped with cash. The Alps start around $16k, so don’t expect poor taste to come cheap.
What is your opinion? Is this just another homage? Feel free to discuss with us in the comments below or at the Properly Wound Facebook Group!