It goes without saying that we experienced a lot of watches this year. There were some fantastic releases at Basel, and finally most scalpers took delivery of their #SpeedyTuesday Speedmasters – effectively driving their costs through the roof; but this piece hardly deserved our prestigious award…it’s “just a speedy”.  When I sat down to think about a watch that went from 0 to 100 in a matter of months – the answer was ever so clear. Was it the amazing sale of the Paul Newman Daytona? Nah – who really cares…. none of us have 15…or 19 million dollars to blow on some old Rolex we’d never be able to wear; though the battle between Tiffany vs. Nathalie was earth shattering….the Paul Newman Daytona was not a monumental achievement in our eyes.

Lets be clear – to be “The Most Iconic” the piece need not bear some polarizing level of quality or even heritage. Without a doubt this watch was has been polarizing. The initial story we released about this timepiece was almost shocking – and it likely saved AJ quite a bit of money ( read here ). For nearly six months now, this piece has been a satirical point of conversation at Properly Wound, hell we even have one traveling the world as we speak.

It is my honor and pleasure to announce the Bagelsport Steelback as the “Most Iconic Watch of 2017“. 
A true pioneer in the industry (for absolutely ridiculous naming) The Bagelsport pays homage to one of the true giants…..most of us refuse to afford. This new icon is the epitome of elegance and class (for a $70 watch)

Heres to the many funny jokes and the many strange questions we’ve received about the Bagelsport….long live our weird sense of humor, and long live the Bagel! I hope that next year – we are able to name a watch so deserving of this honor; as this piece has truly become one of the greats!