I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m a huge watch snob, and when Adam mentioned that I should take a look at this new Timex Marlin reissue I scratched my head, found a coupon, and ordered it. Honestly, I thought it would be a return. But alas, it wasn’t!  Glad I rolled the dice on this small watch purchase; this piece has been a pleasure to wear; despite its size. Though I’m very confident wearing vintage sizes, so at 34mm, I think is fantastic.

In a sense, I see this as the dawn of a new era for Timex. In my eyes, Timex has always been very “entry level”….at best; at least as long as I can recall. Many of us associate Timex with terms like indiglo, ironman, and expedition; certainly not the “Gentleman’s Standard”. Millennials wore Timex’s in middle school; and they lit up – and on my horological journey Timex is a brand that has been forgotten.

The Reissue of Timex’s iconic, mechanical mens dress piece certainly sets the stage for the future of the brand. A company now dominated by inexpensive quartz beaters has taken a step back to a simpler time, and from the looks of it, watch people are digging it as much as I am. A quick browse through sold eBay listings is showing this exact piece having sold from $250 to an astounding $535. Will the craze continue?

On one side of this equation, this craze is understandable. Vintage watches are booming. Between the hipster movement and more people finding an interest in watches, vintage watches are becoming quite popular. Honestly I didn’t see a 34mm mens dress watch becoming  a polarizing fad, but it is.

On the other side of the equation one purist could argue that this is a marketing stunt, and that the watch is low quality, and Chinese made throughout.  Honestly. It isn’t the epitome of high quality, though it wasn’t billed as such either. For the $169 this little baby set me back, I’m quite thrilled. I usually spend that on a leather watch strap.

They have created something unique in the Timex Marlin reissue, a piece that is identifiable, classic, and affordable for someone who isn’t a watch aficionado. I think this piece should be judged on what it brings to the table, not it’s manufacturing origins. So by all means, hats off to Timex and Todd Snyder for creating this very cool reissue.

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